Lake Bled. Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia

Bled and its lake are located in the northwest of Slovenia. Perfect destination for those who love nature, mild temperatures and mountain. 

Lake bled new year's eve
Lake Bled, New Year's Eve

Vhat to see in Bled:

  1. The medieval castle on the Rocca overlooks the lake. Inside there is a museum reminiscent of the history of Bled, and during the year historical events take place. Popular destination for weddings. There is a restaurant in the castle.
  2. The Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Located on the island in the middle of the lake, it is reachable by boat to admire its Gothic architecture. The church is positioned at the top of the island and to reach it you have to climb 99 steps (that in case of snow will be icy means). Get to the top, enter the church and ring the bell for a good omen. The entrance fee is 6 euro.
  3. In addition to the church and the bell tower there are a dining area and a hand-made product store.
  4. The ski slope.
  5. The thermal water present in some hotels, that collected  it in their pools. Swimming pools of Wellness Živa.
  6. The casino.
  7. The typical restaurants called Gostilna.

castel Bled lake snow
snow-covered Bled castle

How to get to Bled:

Surely the most comfortable mean of transport is the car. Almost all hotels and B&B have a parking space for the guests. In case you choose this medium, remember to buy the "vignette" to enter the Slovenian highway.

But for those like me who are fond of trains, there is a beautiful historic train.

A possible route is the historic train Transalpina Nova Gorica. This train is organized only on some dates and I recommend you to check the site (Link historical train Transalpina Nova Gorica) and to book (now for October is already full).

Another historic train, which will allow you to visit the Alpine areas of Slovenia, is the train on the Bohinj railway that starts from Jesenico. Thanks to this route you can admire the picturesque villages and pass the river Isonzo . Always check the site for dates and booking.

You can also reach Bled by modern train departing from Gorizia or the Pullman as FlixBus.

Castel Bled lake
Castel Bled

Travel itinerary in Bled and conclusions:

As I explained in the post in Ljubljana, I was at Lake Bled for New Years Eve.
The temperature was -15 °C with the snow reaching 40 inches. Large crates placed along the lake played typical Christmas music and the stalls were selling alcoholic and hot beverages. There was the possibility to rent the carriage with the horses or go skiing. On New Year's Eve, the party was along the lake with a pyrotechnic show at the end.
I started to appreciate soups thanks to the mild temperatures of the place and to eat the famous Bled cake with the boiling tea. I will surely remember that cold for a long time.
As crazy as it sounds, when I hear the word Bled I hear the music of those days echoing.
When we went to reach the islet by boat, it was even colder and the steps were completely icy. I must admit, when I rang the bell I begged not to fall on those steps.
Who went in spring told me that it was still a little chilly, so bring a jacket.
As much as I love historic trains, I haven't been able to go and get organized for the transalpine.

Cake Bled lake
Cake Bled

The legend of the bell of desires:

"A young widow who lived at Bled Castle mourned her husband who had been killed by brigands. She gathered all her gold and silver and had a bell cast for the chapel on Bled Island. When the bell was being transported to the island, a tempest caused the boat to overturn. The boatmen drowned and the bell sank to the bottom of the lake.
The young widow, now even more devastated, decided to go to Rome and enter a convert. After her death, the Pope donated another bell for the church on the Isle of Bled. The legend has it that those who ring the bell to honour the Blessed Virgin and make a wish will see their wish come true."

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