Croatia. Essential Information


If you are planning to visit Croatia, regardless of what your destination is, perhaps some basic information may be useful.

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Exchange currencies

Croatia does not yet use the Euro, so you will have to make a currency exchange.
You could ask your bank to book Kunes, but the interest rate, commission and delivery time may be cheap.
Before you leave, be sure to also remember to check the fee charged by your bank for withdrawals made abroad on the relevant location.

I recommend: when you cross the Croatian border DO NOT change to the first Exchange you meet!
Generally, there are cages with large billboards after the entrance of the Croatian border, but they apply a change not advantageous to you.
Check the value of that day's currency on the internet before making a change.

Along the way, you will definitely find travel agencies or Exchange with the billboard outside with the change of that day.
Never change large figures, change only the narrow necessary for the ferry and something to eat; When you're at your destination, you'll find Exchange offices with much cheaper exchanges.

Beach kit

What is the beach kit for Croatia?

1° The cloth mat.
The reason is very simple. There are no linear plans. With the mattress, there's no problem.
You buy it once and you use it everywhere. In any shop in Croatia (which of course sells items for the sea. And no, the greengrocer does not).
In addition to fins, mask, glasses and orca-shaped mattress you will find the fabric mattresses.
Do you know those mattresses that put you over the deckchairs in the garden? Here they are similar. Folded in three with handles and more padded.
They are needed because most of the beaches are not sand, but pebbles/stone/concrete slabs. Thanks to this thickness you can lie down without suffering because of the hardness of the stone.
There are all colors and patterns, they have a low price (between 5 and maximum 10 euros) and actually, you can also take it to other locations where there is sand. You're wondering, why not bring a deckchair?

2° The slip slippers.
They are diving shoes. If you have to buy them, do not buy them with the smooth rubber underneath or the one with the tank only marked.
The best, for the rocks of Croatia, must have the sole similar to football shoes.
Obviously plastic, but they must be non-slip. I recommend them because it is difficult to walk on the pebbles and there is a risk of cutting off a foot, but entering the water there are many rocks and some are smooth. If you don't have a good pair of slippers you risk getting hurt. Even slippers can be bought on site for up to 15 euros.

3° Sunscreen.
Sunscreen is needed everywhere, but remember that on the stones the sun beats even more. Think of a steak on the plate.

Over-the-counter and pharmacy drugs.

When I travel, I always carry with me the classic over-the-counter medications, in addition to mine for pathologies, but remember that the oxygenated water is INDISPENSABLE when you go to Croatia!
In Italy, oxygenated water is present in all supermarkets, medicines, and pharmacies. In Croatia, I found that oxygenated water is sold exclusively in pharmacies, so I always carry a bottle with me.


Strillo by

Dogs and cats can come on holiday with us as long as they have: Passport, vaccinations, microchip.
Dogs also need an unique identification number. Always ask your vet for the updated new rules on time so you don't have to go back because AT THE BORDER THESE THINGS ARE CHECKED.
As for cats, in addition to all usual vaccinations, they must have done the anti-rabies vaccination 21 days before the renewal of the passport or its issuing. The cat must also have a microchip.


If you travel along the Croatian motorway you will have to pay the tollbooth as in Italy. Euros, credit cards and Kune are accepted.
Warning: you must also have the first aid kit and the car extinguisher in the car.
Now you're ready to go. Happy Trip!


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