Dalmatia Tour


The Croatian tour continues. This year we went as far as Northern Dalmatia. The holiday lasted 5 nights, as always overnight in the apartment booked through Booking and trips with rental car booked with Rental Car.
The tour, as always, started from the province of Gorizia passing through Trieste, visiting the valleys of Slovenia.
The first stop for a coffee, of course, was Rijeka (also called River).
We continued to the island of Vir or Mali Losinj, to spend a day in Nim, the oldest city in Croatia, and Sale. We visited on two different evenings the bustling Zara or Zadar.
We went out by boat, with an organized trip, to visit the beautiful islands of the Zadar archipelago until we reached the tropical paradise of Sakaran beach.

Ps. I practically got more sun in the boat than in the rest of the holiday.

And finally, we visited the lakes of Plitvicka.

To finish internal Croatia we still miss all the central area of Dalmatia from Split until you reach Dubrovnik and the islets.
Krka Park with waterfalls. And of course, the capital is Zagreb.
Below you will find the list with all the links of the stages visited in 2019 and links of previous trips.

Zadar: link⏩

Vir / Puntadura: link⏩

Plitvichka (Country Park): link⏩

Nin /Nona and Sale: link⏩

Sakarun Beach (Island Boat Ride): link⏩

My favorite city:
Of all the resorts I've seen this year, surely Sakaran beach is my favorite. But remembering the past trips to Croatia, the island of Rab continues to remain my number 1.

The preference is not dictated by services or infrastructure or hospitality from the people (pretty much the same in all the cities visited), but it is dictated by the atmosphere and the scents.
But remember that preference is subjective and must be based on individual emotions.

What to taste in Croatia:

1. Oil. In northern Dalmatia, it was not as present as in other places.

2. Honey. By the way, I also found lavender honey.

3. Lavender. That here too is very present.

4. Dalmatian ham. I recommend: it must be cut by hand and therefore often.

5. The wine.

6.The liqueurs (and some will look like 95 degrees alcohol).

7. Beers.

8. All baked goods at bakeries, which are called Pekarna. Fun fact: On the shop window each product (mostly sweets) has its list of ingredients.
And thanks to this aspect, I was able to eat sweets that did not contain lactose because they were made with margarine.

9. The Paris Original cookies. Discovered by chance years ago (I was at the checkout of the supermarket and the lady behind me had stocked up so I decided to try them), now when I go to Croatia I stock up.
My favorites are the lemon ones.

10. Ledo packaged ice cream. A white bear is present on kiosks or in bars as a logo.

Nb: At the moment I have finished writing and publishing only Zadar's post. All other locations will be published every Thursday.


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