Cheesecake with mandarin and gingerbread.

Cheesecake al mandarino e pan di zenzero.  Questa Cheesecake è perfetta per il periodo natalizio. La crema al formaggio ha il gusto dei mandarini, tipico frutto di questo periodo. Mentre la base ha il profumo delle spezie contenenti nel pan di zenzero . Per questa Cheesecake abbiamo due varianti: quella senza lattosio per gli intolleranti (come me)che va benissimo anche per i vegetariani e quella vegan . I biscotti di Pan di Zenzero sono ricoperti di cioccolato fondente, ovvero quelli che in tedesco si chiamano Lebkuchen .  Ingredienti: 400 ml. succo di mandarini (circa 1kg); 250 g. formaggio spalmabile senza lattosio / soia; 250 g. yogurt bianco senza lattosio / soia; 12 g. di gelatina in fogli vegetale / Agar Agar / Farina semi di carrube; 230 g. di biscotti pan di zenzero ricoperti al cioccolato (Lebkuchen); 50 g. di margarina; 80 g. di zucchero; 100 g. cioccolato fondente per decorazione.  Procedimento: Frullare i biscotti in un mixer. Sciogliere la margarina e aggiungerla ai bis

Grenoble what to visit

Grenoble, a town located in the southeast of France near the Piedmont border.
A perfect destination to visit during a weekend, for Christmas markets or just as a stop for a tour of France.
Grenoble is famous for winter sports and the spherical cable car, but it also hides other attractions.

What to see in Grenoble:

  • The Mountain Troops Museum. The museum on the Bastille of Grenoble presents the history of the birth of the French mountaineers. Audio-guides, historical finds, and projections reconstruct the birth of the alpines from 1888 to the present day. It also proposes comparisons between the French and Italian mountaineers during these years and reconstructing great events of the war. The cost of the ticket is 3 euros per person for about one hour.
    Not to be missed.

  • The Grenoble Museum.
    The Museum of Fine Arts features several exhibitions including Egyptology, as well as galleries of contemporary art.

  • Musée Dauphinois.
    The convent of Dauphinois offers several exhibitions throughout the year. The entrance is free and you can visit the magnificent chapel.

  • The Museum of Archaeology of St. Lawrence.
    The museum is a necropolis located in the underground of the ancient district of Grenoble. The entrance is free, and you can visit the crypt of Saint-Oyand.

  • The Natural History Museum.

  • The park on the Champs-Elysées.

  • How to get to Grenoble

    From Turin, you can reach the city by car or by Flixbus.
    If your choice falls on the use of the car, keep in mind that: between toll booths and the Frejus perforation we spent 124 euros round trip. Be careful because on the way back we left the highway in Susa otherwise the price had to be about 150 euros.

    You will also need to inform the toll collector that you need a two-way ticket because you will be coming back to Italy within 7 days.
    With Flixbus, the price can range from 15 to 25 euros (one way), depending on the day and departure.
    Of course, the rates are from Turin to Grenoble.

    Grenoble cable car.

    The famous cable car of Grenoble, with its spherical carriages, allows you to reach the military fortress from the city center.
    In addition to being a quick means of transportation for climbing and descending, it is also an excellent tourist attraction in operation since 1934 that allows you to see the city from above.
    For those suffering from heights, it is possible to reach the Bastille even by car or foot.
    Check times and amounts on the official website. Link⏩

    Grenoble was the first stop for my mini-tour on August 15, 2019.
    I reached it by car, of course (rental car via first stop before reaching Chambéry. The city center is very large and encompasses both a historic and modern area.
    Visiting the center by the cable car, you can breathe a nostalgia for Paris. The architecture of the palaces, the squares with the gardens and the bistros remind you a lot of the French capital.
    Certainly, the cable car was an indispensable attraction to try, but the real "hidden gem" was The Mountain Troops Museum.

    The museum has been carefully crafted and has been able to attract the attention of adults and children.
    In my opinion, the price is all too low for the entertainment presented.
    As for the driveway and the presence of parking lots (free of charge that day), we had no problem.
    Extremely recommended as a tourist destination or as an idea for New Year's Eve, I was sorry not to stay overnight in Grenoble instead of Chambéry, but I will explain the reason in the next post!

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