Budapest, capital of Hungary, famous for the goulash and the thermal baths; it preserves an aristocratic air of another time with a mixture of Art Deco and NeoGotic of the buildings, the well cared gardens with statues of illustrious characters and the coffees in Art Nouveau style.
I have have been there around the end of October 2018 after years that I desired to see this "pearl of the east."

Transportation in the city and how to reach Budapest

To reach Budapest you have different options: car, bus (for example Flixbus), train or airplane.
As it comes to me, I have taken the fastest route, that is the airplane with the company Wizzair!

Departure from Milan Malpensa, landing to Budapest Terminal 2.

If you have decided to reach Budapest by car, besides the verification of all the documents you may need, you must purchase the Cartoon for the highway. It is possible to purchase it on the website Ematrica Nemzetiutdij or at the service stations in highway within 60 minutes from your entry (otherwise the fine goes off).  If you transport cats or dogs, remember their passport for the trip and the microchip.

Besides a matter of more elevated price in comparison to a trip in an airplane, keep in mind that there is a lot of traffic in the city and I have not even seen many parking lots.

As it comes to trains and buses, I recommend you look for your itinerary through GoEuro or the classical Google for the best offers. In regards of the departures from Turin, Flixbus costs between 48 and the 60 € each, one way only.
Liberty Bride


Inside the airport, going out of the baggage reclaim, you turn to your left and top off the street, you will find a point where you can purchase tickets (in front of the toilet). After all significa dopotutto

The ticket is valid from the day you buy it and there is no need to obliterate it.

But: to take the bus 100E (airport - city) you cannot use this ticket. At the automatic ticket machine, it's possible to purchase the ticket for the 100E to the cost of 900 FT (2.80 €).

If by now you have purchased the ticket for 72 hours, as in my case, no fear/don’t fret, there are other buses and the subway to reach the center city.

The ticket for a single run costs 350FT (1.09 €), therefore make a calculation of how many means of transport you must use and how many days your visit will last before purchasing a subscription.
Metro station Opera


The change inside the airport is not very convenient, however to purchase the tickets for the means of transport it is possible to pay with card or automatic teller machine. Before departing, verify that your cards are valid for foreign countries and this destination! Don’t forget to check the costs applied by your bank.

The two best changes that I have found in the city are to Ráday Utca 1-3; General Change, or to 3 Károlies Krt.

I recommend you pay in Hungarian (FT) florins and not in Euros in the various exercises as restaurants, museums etc.

Goulash Soup

You can't go to Hungary without trying the Hungarian goulash, the Hungarian salami, the Langos, the Tokaji, the whole confectionery and especially the Dobos, the crepes with sour whipped cream, the strudel and the catfish. Other than t the sausages, meat or soups, obviously.

Surely looking for Budapest you will find 2 famous confectionery or the New York Café and the confectionery Gerbeaud.

Without taking anything away from these two important confectioneries and their history, I have opted for other two confectioneries. Surely the prices are lower than the preceding ones, the rooms smaller, but there aren’t less in history and goodness in the sweets.
Dobos Cake

The first one is Művész Kávéház, said also Artist Café, a stone's throw from the stop of the subway Opera and from the theater (to the moment the outside of the theater is under restruction).
inside Művész Kávéház

The rooms of this confectionery, with its sparkling chandeliers and leather sofas, give the idea that time stopped in 1898. Here you can also taste the famous cake Dobos and other delicacies. In the biggest room, a screen shows the passages to create their splendid cakes. Consider that two slices of cake (one chocolate cake and a Dobos), an Irish Coffee and a teapot of tea cost 5000 FT (15.55 €).
Cake lemon

Another place is the Café Ruszwurm, so historical it also have been frequented by Princess Sissi. A slice of cake coast approximately 800 FT (2.50 €). The place is very small, but if you are near the Bastion of the Fishermen you can try to stop by.

In regards to lunches and suppers, I suggest you the Hungarikym Bisztrò. You absolutely have to book (I would say just the day before passing by). This restaurant is very small, but although the fittings remind of a trattoria, the staff of the room and the kitchen are the top.

To taste are of course the goulash soup, the Goulash with Hungarian potato dumplings and the duck on a bed of violet cabbage. Do you want to know why I liked this place so much? First of all for the courtesy, from the taste of the Tokaji before pouring for verifying if I liked it, to that fresh and genuine taste. The peas soup with potato dumplings has reminded me of how my grandmother did it. You know, every now and then it is a pleasure to rediscover those tastes of home even when you are on the road.

If you desire something tasting good but more express, as a hamburger, I recommend you Meatology Budapest for a particular hamburger.
Something to drink after supper? If you are near Ráday Utca I recommend you to stop at the Puder Barzinhaz. I there have been also at lunch (it was next to my Airbnb), excellent are the hamburgers but particularly the cake with sauce to the cinnamon.

What to visit:

  • Castle of Budapest, funicular.
The castle is on the western Danube Hill, you reach it with the funicular.
The funicular cost is 1800 FT (€5.6) round trip. For a better view, it's advisable to take the first carriage.
Funicular railway

I recommend you buy water before you reach the castle because the locals near the entrance have very high prices.
In the structure of the castle are present:
The show is found inside the ex Barracks Nandor. It shows uniforms, weapons and the Hungarian military history. The price of entry is of 1500 FT (4.70 €), all the details on the site.
The museum picks up the history of Budapest with pictures and ancient and modern statues, to let you see the changes of the 3 cities from the medieval time to the unification in our days. The price is of 2000FT (6.25 €) for person, with variations. With the Budapest Card, the entry is free.
During the First World War, a first aid camp was set up inside the rock. In later times it became a shelter antinuclear and since 2002 it has been reopened as a museum. The cost of the ticket is of 4000 FT (12.45 €).
Set next to the castle, it gives the possibility to see Budapest from high above. Price 1500Ft (4.60€).

The great synagogue, set in the Jewish district, in Dohany Street, also has a small museum in the higher floor. The cost is 4000FT (12.45€).

Imposing and majestic, it is located on the banks of the Danube in Pest. Visits are possible, but you can check the access dates on the site.
In neoclassic style, the basilica is found in the central zone of Pest. Its entry is free, even if it is asked a donation of 400 FT for the entry.

Stephen I
Classified as the third greatest church of Budapest, it is a fixed destination to admire its imposing majesty.
The bastion with its boundaries, the 7 towers, the church and the statue of Stephen I is the union of Neo-gothic and Neo-romantic style. From its towers it is possible to see the other part of the city (Pest), the island of Margaret and the castle.
The price to enter the church is of 1500 FT (4.60 €) and the towers 1000 FT (around 3 €).

It is possible to visit the inside of the theater in some days (to verify on the website). At the moment the façade is under reconstruction. Very beautiful is the stop of the subway called Opera.

Walking in the city center I came upon this wonder in Neoclassic and Art Nouveau style.

  • The Heroes' Plaza.

To the right of the Plaza of the Heroes, you can’t not see the castle towers and bump into the skating rink. The style is purely gothic, baroque, romantic; Partly a copy of the castle of Transylvania. Around the castle, there is also the city park, while inside it there is the Museum of Agriculture.
  • Margaret Island
  • Chain Bridge or Bridge of the Chains.
  • Cittadella

Shoes by the Danube

  • Statue: Shoes by the Danube, Promenade, Statue of the Empress Sissi.

   Thermal baths:

Baths of Gellért.
The entry costs around 20 € for person, it is possible to rent the towels leaving a deposit. The thermal baths have the great (that you see in the photo) swimming pool with cold water. To enter you need to have the bonnet for your hair (it is possible to ask for it to the personnel). There are also 5 tubs with thermal water with temperatures up to 45° Celsius; two tubs of frozen water next to the saunas at 90° Celsius; the massage center. The locker rooms have some boxes to change, showers with soap and wall hair dryers.

My experience

I have departed from Milan on October, 29 at 8 o'clock in the morning. I have purchased the tickets of the flight on August, 28 and reading different critiques on the hotel, I had decided to try AirBnb in Budapest.
The apartment was situated in Ráday Utca, famous for the great presence of restaurants. It is close to the underground and the central market stop.
I still thank Gabriella for the hospitality.
The market is on two floors and it is a stop that cannot miss in your itinerary.
On the ground floor there are benches of the fruit and vegetable, of candies and the butcheries.
On the first floor souvenirs, attires and restaurants.
Why is it so important?
The prices are extremely interesting for the various souvenirs. Here I have spent only around fifty euros on: Hungarian salamis, bags of paprika, postcards, kitchen cloths with embroidered goulash recipe, little Christmas balls, magnets and etcetera.
central market 

Around the city, you will find shops of souvenirs and Christmas articles.


Ferris Wheel

Unfortunately some plazas and historical buildings (as the Pari shelter Udvar) are under reconstruction and the traffic during the day it is very present.

The first day we have gone only to the central Market and during the evening we walked in the city, admiring statues and illuminated buildings.

The second day was devoted to the visit of the castle and the adjacent structures there.
The third one we moved in the zone of Pest and in the afternoon we took care of my knee near the thermal baths of Gellert. I must admit, I didn't want to go to these thermal baths, but to the Rudases because I had read it offers treatments more pertaining to my problem. We changed our destination because that day in the saunas only the men could enter, while the women would enter the following day. Willing or not, we returned back.
But I can't complain about Gellert either.

The fourth day was dedicated to the whole zone next to the Plaza of the Heroes.
Our flight back was planned for November, 1 at 20.
There are a lot of critiques on the internet about the lack of cleaning in the hotels or the rudeness of the waiters.

I cannot speak of cleaning in the hotels because I have stayed in an Airbnb. When it comes to the rudeness of the waiters, I believe that you don't deal with rudeness, but only with coldness (excluding some cases).
What nobody speaks about is the lack of a waiting room in the airport at the terminal 2.
Practically I have stood there for 45 minutes in a long queue, because there were only 3 counters open (of which 1 priority) for the embarkation of the baggage. Practically in line, there were people leaving for London, Milan and Frankfurt, all with the company Wizzair!
After having abandoned our baggages, passed the controls and purchased some water, we went for the embarkation.
Here I don't sincerely know whether to laugh or thing.
Practically we have stood there in line another 45 minutes, inside a shed in “airplaines deposits” style, and from the rumors (that is the lady in queue behind of me)the speaker called the last embarkation for our flight immediately after the appearance of the number of the gate.
But it's not over. The places to sit in the airplane were really small and I have found a child behind my seat that gave kicks, another child in from of me that howled and did not keep the belt tied up for the whole flight and another child that blissfully walked around the airplane even though there was the signal to hold the belts buckled!
Not only that, on landing my fiancé (who was seated in the seat 23 while I in 17) told me that his belt was not closing.
Apart from the trip back, it has been a beautiful trip.


Wizzair flight with 1 baggage in the hold and the club card:   95       euro +
Apartment Airbnb €150.33 minus 25 cost :                            125.33 euro +
Restaurants, museums, public transport:                                   330      euro +
Souvenir:                                                                                      50 euro
TOTAL:                     600 euro for 2 people 4 night 

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