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Croatia. Mali Lošinj.

Croazia Mali Losinj. Croazia. As specified in the post Croatia-tour , I returned from a 5-night holiday in Mali Lošinj. Mali Losinj is an island in Croatia that you can reach in different ways: Bus + ferry, car + ferry, hydrofoil or airplane. Information on the means. Car: If you decide to leave by car, I recommend you choose weekdays both for the outward and the return. I usually leave on Wednesdays/Thursdays and Return on Tuesdays/Wednesdays because during the weekend many more queues are formed at customs. Way to go. By setting the Navigator or Google Maps, you will have several possible paths. As far as I am concerned, starting from Gorizia I chose to travel to Slovenia. This path allows you to admire expanses of fields with hay bales and secular trees. Along with the state (and not motorway) route of Slovenia, you will not need the "vignette"; That is the payment of the Slovenian motorway. Since 2018 the Slovenia/Croatia border has bee

Tiramisù ai frutti di bosco Vegan.

Tiramisù ai frutti di bosco vegan.  Questo tiramisù ai frutti di bosco vegan è una versione con la frutta del classico tiramisù. Per chi non ama l'alcool nei dolci, ho creato una versione di questo Tiramisù ai frutti di bosco con bagna non alcolica. Potete utilizzare la frutta che preferite. Vi consiglio delle monoporzioni. Io ho utilizzato delle ciliegie sciroppate, ma potete usare anche quelle fresche. Potete sostituire il latte di cocco light con quello classico o con la panna vegetale o di riso Ingredienti per il tiramisù ai frutti di bosco: 500 g. di savoiardi 1 bicchierino di liquore Alchermes (a piacere) 50 g. farina di riso (o maizena) 1 bustina di Agar Agar (o gelatina o fogli di colla) 1 barattolo latte di cocco light (400 ml) 100 ml di panna di riso (o vegetale) 1/2 litro di bevanda vegetale (a scelta) 50 g di zucchero + zucchero a velo per rifinitura 250 g. di more 250 g. di lamponi 250 g. di mirtilli 150 g. di ciliegie Procedimento per il tiramisù ai frut

Croatia Tour

What to visit in Croatia from Istria to Dalmatia? Croatia presents magnificent tourist destinations for your next trip. From Pula to Krk, each city offers the most beautiful beaches, cultural interests, and typical cuisine. I recommend five cities to visit in Croatia and five beaches not to see. 5 cities in Croatia to see. 1. Pola Situated in Istrian Croatia, it's a place of great cultural historical interest. The most famous destinations are the Roman amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus and the arch of the seats. I recommend visiting this city at the beginning of the trip or, alternatively, as the last stop before returning to Italy. 2. Medulin: In July of 2015, I spent three nights at this location. But this is my brother-in-law's favorite place to start the summer season. This way I receive updates every year. I have to admit: the beach of Medulin I don't like much! On Medulin Beach, there are attractions in the water for children; t he possibility to rent sun loungers

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