How Rental Car works.

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After my misadventure in Mali Lošinj, Croatia (link ⏩ ) I was able to experience first-hand the rental car experience. Indeed, several years ago, I was renting cars for clients of the company where I worked. This has led me to have a more detailed knowledge of the subject, which, very often, we do not stop to check.
How to choose a rental car for the holidays.There are many rental sites or comparisons of different companies. Excluding basic search, that is: enter the dates on which we will need the car and enter the place of collection and return; We must compare prices by company and displacement, but we must also take into account at least 10 points listed here.
1° Depending on your destination you will have to look for the type of car to rent. A year ago, I rented a Fiat Panda 4x4 because I had to go to the mountains for August. While returning from Gorizia to Turin with suitcases, stock and Strillo (my cat), I booked a Fiat Punto station wagon.
Why did I book these car models…

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