Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie with pumpkin puree
Ingredienti:380 g. Zucca cotta a vapore;100 g. Farina 00 tenera;100 g. Fecola di patate;100 g. Zucchero;2 Uova;125 g. Yogurt bianco di soia;2 cucchiai Olio di mais;1 bustina Lievito per dolci;pizzico di Sale;1 cucchiaino di aroma alle Mandorle;1 cucchiaino di Rum in polvere (o vaniglia). Cioccolato fondente per la decorazione. Teglia a forma di zucca diametro 28 cm. Cottura: 180° ventilato per 30'.
Procedimento:Cuocere la zucca e lasciarla completamente raffreddare. Montare a neve gli albumi con il sale. Montare i tuorli con lo zucchero e lo yogurt. Aggiungere le polveri setacciate ai tuorli, gli aromi e l'olio. Aggiungere la polpa di zucca al composto e gli albumi cercando di amalgamare il tutto molto delicatamente. Preriscaldare il forno. Imburrare la teglia e versare il composto. Cuocere per 30 minuti e lasciar raffreddare prima di servire. 


Croatia Tour

What to visit in Croatia from Istria to Dalmatia?


Situated in Istrian Croatia, it's a place of great cultural historical interest.
The most famous destinations are the Roman amphitheater, the Temple of Augustus and the arch of the seats.

I recommend visiting this city at the beginning of the trip or, alternatively, as the last stop before returning to Italy.

Speciale Primavera
In July of 2015, I spent three nights at this location.
But this is my brother-in-law's favorite place to start the summer season. This way I receive updates every year.
I have to admit: the beach of Medulin I don't like much!
On Medulin Beach, there are attractions in the water for children; the possibility to rent sun loungers and deckchairs; a local bar with music. There are many shops, restaurants and a disco in the center.

Site characterized by a natural park called Kamenjak.
If you like to walk through the woods, this park is for you. The beach is completely rocky. There are two wooden restaurants (wooden shacks). The water of the sea is very cold and the sun beats on the rocky stone of the beach; I suggest you bring umbrellas with you.
There is a chance to dive from the rocks, but it is absolutely essential to wear rubber shoes (I had talked about it in the post on indispensable things for Croatia essential information).
Recommend the restaurant: Konoba Still (reservation recommended).
I stopped in Opatija, or Abbey, to have a coffee before reaching Brestova to take the ferry in the direction of Mali Lošinj.
If you have ever been to San Remo, this city will remind you a lot of it, with its promenade along the sea and the hotels.

The island of Krk can be reached from the bridge, so no ferries.
The price for the passage is about 30 Kune (price in July 2018), which is paid only for the outward (I.e. you pay when you cross to enter Krk).
Visited in July 2016, the sea water is warmer than that of Medulin.

There are a lot of beaches to choose from according to your needs.



Stara Baska: 
There are a couple of umbrellas made with palms and deckchairs.
It’s a pebble Beach and although two years have passed, I still remember the thermal shock of when I entered the water.
There is a structure with wooden tables, where they sell soft drinks, coffee, and snacks.

Mr. Cylinders passes, but I suggest you go to the beach with packed lunches.

However, it is an extremely quiet beach, and very spacious too.

It has several beaches mainly made of stones and rocks.

It is located in Krk, around the old town.
Sandy Bottom, there are many facilities to eat and have fun.

It is a mixture of areas with slabs of stones and rocks. The beach is shaded by the presence of trees.  In order to get into the water, there are iron ladders. All around there are a few restaurants and the hotel.

The best beach is Oprna, near Stara Baska.
To reach this beach made of stones, you have two options: either by boat or by car and walk down the cliff.


Recommended Clothing:

Long trousers (consider the possibility that they tear).
Packed lunches.
Theoretically, there is a path reported by cartels but: I tried to walk that path and was not very stable. Know then, that this path is discontinued, with the presence of gram rocks and stones that are not very stable.

When you reach the beach, you will find a magnificent view.
The beach is not great. There are about ten straw umbrellas and plastic deckchairs with rental options, a cage that sells snacks and beverages.
If you stay in Krk there are locals for the evening, restaurants, a shopping center. Scattered all over the place, you can find many souvenir markets.

To taste something typical of real Croatian cuisine, you have to stop at the restaurant: Konoba Astarea (52474, Verteneglio, Croatia).
To finish it is worth a visit to the Krka National Park in Sibenik.

Because of last year's earthquake (2017) I have not yet visited it, but it is scheduled.
Today I returned from Mali Lošinj (2018), about which I will tell you in a new post.


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