Grenoble what to visit

Grenoble, a town located in the southeast of France near the Piedmont border. A perfect destination to visit during a weekend, for Christmas markets or just as a stop for a tour of France. Grenoble is famous for winter sports and the spherical cable car, but it also hides other attractions.
What to see in Grenoble:
The Mountain Troops Museum.The museum on the Bastille of Grenoble presents the history of the birth of the French mountaineers. Audio-guides, historical finds, and projections reconstruct the birth of the alpines from 1888 to the present day. It also proposes comparisons between the French and Italian mountaineers during these years and reconstructing great events of the war. The cost of the ticket is 3 euros per person for about one hour.
Not to be missed.

The Grenoble Museum.
The Museum of Fine Arts features several exhibitions including Egyptology, as well as galleries of contemporary art.

Musée Dauphinois.
The convent of Dauphinois offers several exhibitions throu…

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