Excursion Sakarun beach

If you've ever wandered around Croatian beaches or tourist destinations, you've come across hiking vendors. They are the ones near a pier with coffee tables and billboards covered with photos of beaches and boats.
The excursions are carried out on medium or small ships, with organized trips including lunch.
Ours was organized on a boat named Tnv. It was a little bigger than a boat on two floors, with kitchen and bathrooms downstairs.
The journey departed from Petrčane at 8.20 in the morning.
The price, of 50 € per person, was paid the day before departure, on the beach directly to the seller.

The package includes breakfast, welcome aperitif and lunch, unlimited drinks and juices. For lunch the choice is between fish or meat menus (prices in July 2019), boat crossing near the coast and 3-hour stop at Sakarun.

We left at 9 am between the islands of the Zadar archipelago; passing near the shores of Dughi Otok.
We saw: the island of Tri sestice, Sestrunj, Molat, Zverinac, the lighthouse of Veli Rat and the cave called "Tito" in Vis (Issa).
The tour guide, present on the boat (who also spoke Italian), explained that the island was a military base and the tunnel was used to hide submarines from enemy radars.

It was not possible to reach the cave, as only small boats (dinghy or speedboats) can pass.
At about 10.30 we were brought the snack and at 11.30 we reached the fishing village: Soline. Here we waited for two trains to reach Sakarun beach (a 10-minute walk and 3 by train).
Sakarun is a beautiful white sandy beach, surrounded by pine forests that make it a magnificent nature reserve and unspoiled.

The water near the shore is shallow, making it a popular destination for families with children.
There are no large facilities, except for a few umbrellas and deckchairs, but there are two restaurants/bars under the pine forest.
The water is transparent and crystal clear, which adds to the white sand, making it a very rare beach in Croatia.
The stop is 3 hours and at 3 pm we got back on the ship.
We were served lunch on our return and we arrived in Petrčane at around 5.30 pm.

Lunch and more offered by the package:
The brochure says that the trip includes: aperitif, breakfast, lunch (grilled fish or meat with a side dish, salad, water, wine or juices), juices and water at will.
At 9 in the morning, just after we left, came a bowl of biscuits (shortbread style) and then a small glass of Pelinkovac (alcoholic grade between 28 and 35 degrees but it can also reach 40) and this was the aperitif.
At 10.30 am a maxi sandwich pan pizza style arrived, with ham and cheese inside.
Lunch was served at 3 am. For the seafood menu, there was a grilled sea bass (or looked) with potato salad and onion. While for the meat menu: a pork chop, a chicken chop and a grilled sausage with potato salad.

The ride was very nice. The beach undoubtedly deserves to be seen even if during August it is full of tourists with parked little boats, which make the atmosphere less heavenly.
“Little boats” is ironic...

If you want, you can also reach Sakarun beach by your means (by renting or owning a speedboat) or by ferry.

Is it worth paying for an organized trip?
I'd leave a question mark. As far as eating (the idea is that you don’t have to worry about it) it is very lacking and questionable.
When we asked for information to buy the package (we had already left, convinced that we had to try this experience) we were reassured about the possibility to choose the menu on the boat or to ask for possible changes for various allergies. (So I have explicitly informed the seller that I am lactose intolerant and lately, I have been having problems with gluten.)
I can assure you that this was not the case. For breakfast and snack, they passed without telling us anything and leaving the food in front of us. For lunch when we got back on the boat, the tables were already almost ready and releasing the booking sheet, we were brought ready-made meat or fish dishes.
Luckily I travel stocked with snacks because you never know.
And above all, I travel replenished with water. You have to take into account that you will need it on the beach if you do not want to buy it on site.

Surely the experience is very nice and in conclusion, you spend a different day at sea than usual.
On the way back there was a comedy scene.
Many left the beach at 2.45 pm to get on the forecourt to wait for the train.

When the trains arrived in the distance (about 15:05), everyone was ready with what we might call "an assault". When the trains were approaching, people left to meet them.
The driver slowed down and turned; he hadn't even stopped, that people had already climbed up. I saw beach bags and kids thrown on the wagons, people tearing around and slapping to get on.
When I saw the scene, I burst out laughing. I was bent in two with laughter. When the driver stopped and got off, we were already seated.
You know, in the morning rush hour, when everyone is pushing to get on the subway so that they don’t arrive late to work? Well, the scene was similar!
My laughter lasted for all 3 minutes of the journey to the boat and in the end, I was the first to climb up continuing to laugh. The other passengers magically had regained the composure that should be had on holiday.
And the comedy skit I saw while waiting for the train will remain as a memory.
The two trains present were not big enough to carry all the people, so when we got off people tried more or less calmly to get on the train. The guide kept saying that the route was 3 minutes so they could wait.
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